why had I never felt like enough.

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“Why had I never felt like enough?”

It was truly the question that compelled me to write ENOUGH: Notes from a Woman Who Has Finally Found It. I thought it was my question alone. I know now it was not. Turns out, when you stop pretending and let out your truth, you find out you are not alone. There are so many other people in that room.

Why had I never felt like enough? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I believe now that this is the question we all have to ask ourselves, when we reach a certain age. For years, I worked extra-hard to fit in, which required pretending. I doubted every part of myself for so many years. You can read about why if you read my book. But after decades of that pretending — and the exhaustion that goes with it — I realized I could no longer pretend. I found my rage. I broke through. And that, it turns out, is liberation. Enough pretending.

It is enough to be alive. It is more than enough to feel free in your own life.

(Please tell me you are listening to Lizzo. I love her more every day. And so much of what she is talking about lately, about self-love as a tool of self-preservation, and how to love the skin you’re in? It’s all the same struggles and songs I sing in my book.

“Loving myself was the result of answering two things: Do you want to live? 'Cause this is who you're gonna be for the rest of your life. Or are you gonna just have a life of emptiness, self-hatred and self-loathing? And I chose to live, so I had to accept myself.” —Lizzo)

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